Your Hip Flexors: To lengthen, strengthen or both that is the question!

Hopefully you are still working on your resolution to be a better rider and exercise.  I expect (hope!) you are still doing your core strengthening exercises at home or at the office for 5-10 mins a day.  Just a few minutes everyday will make a big difference over time.

Now you are getting stronger but your leg is still not quite where you want it to be or maybe your leg doesn’t behave as you think it should even if you will it with all your might.   The next step is to assess your hip flexors.

In this video Lauren McGuire, Msc Physiotherapy and FEI rider, will show you how to assess your hip flexors – are they short, long or just right?   And what you can do to stretch them if they are short, and two exercises you can do to strengthen them if they are weak.  Now, just because they are short or long doesn’t mean they are weak.  Never the less, being longer and stronger will make your leg better when you are in the saddle.

Of course this all goes together with continuing to develop your core strength.  So keep up with your other exercises – only 5-10 mins a day will make an improvement by the time show season comes along.


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