Core Strengthening for Riders. Part 2 Three exercises to strengthen your core for riding.

You now know what your core is and where it is, now it is time to work it!  Core Strengthening Part 2.

In this video, Lauren McGuire, Msc Physiotherapy and FEI dressage rider, gives you three exercises you can do at home or the office to strengthen your core.  Now let me tell you, I don’t think I have a weak core and when you just swing your legs around with these exercises they are EASY – but if they are easy you are probably doing them incorrectly or not really using your core!  So be mindful, take the time to really do easy motion well and you will feel it the next day.  You can’t see it in the video but I am shaking in the last exercise!!!  I was getting tired!

Of course, a little bit everyday – maybe 5-10mins – will make a huge difference in developing your core strength and making you more stable in the saddle.



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