The Horse Inspection at a CDI. What is it and how do you do it?

The Horse Inspection at an FEI international event (CDI, CSI, CPEDI, CCI) can be one of the most stressful parts of the competition because if you don’t get thru this part then you don’t get the opportunity to compete.

The Horse Inspection at a CDI consists of two parts:

  1. In Stall Horse Inspection. Where the FEI Vet attending the event will come and look at your horse in the barn.  With your FEI passport he will check your documentation and vaccinations as required by an FEI competition, identify the horse (check the microchip if your horse has one) and take the vital signs of the horse (respiration and heart) and check for general overall health and fitness of the horse.
  2. The Jog or Trot Up.  The horse will be presented in front of the ground jury (the judges, technical delegate/steward, and veterinary delegates in hand in a snaffle bridle.  First standing  for identification which may include checking for a microchip. After identification is complete you will be asked to walk forward (usually to a first set of markers) then trot towards an end marker.  Walking as you approach the end mark turning to the right/clockwise around the marker and trotting back past the ground jury.

At this time you will be given a pass or hold.  If you are “held” then you will be sent to a holding box where one of the veterinary delegates will come and have a brief look at your horse.  It may included trotting the horse, palpation of the legs and/or hoof testers.  The veterinary delegate will discuss with you what will happen next and take their findings back to the ground jury.  If you are given the chance to re-present your horse you will be given a choice to re-jog at the end of the jog or the next day prior to the start of competition.

It is a good idea to practice the jog at home.  Both for obedience and safety but also to find an ideal speed where your horse presents the best.

Find more information in the FEI rules – click here.   Watch the video explaining the Horse Inspection and how to jog.

Good Luck and have a great show!


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